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The Peace Beyond It All

The collective pain in the world right now is immense. I don't think there is anyone in the world who untouched by it. As humanity, we sit back and wonder WHY is this all happening? WHAT is actually going on? HOW did it come to this?

If we become quiet from deep inside and REALLY listen, the answers are crystal clear. It is times like these when our years of "practice" in the yogic tradition are not just practice anymore. The tools of transformation that we have learned about for so many years, now point the way to the answers which are screaming at us from deep inside. We just need to get quiet enough to be able to hear their message.

In the midst of a world that is so incredibly beautiful, intricate, intimate, and magnificent I find the tears I cry are in sadness of the forgetfulness of humanity to appreciate what we have before us:

a planet that gives, and gives, and gives

And we take so much for our personal gain that we have totally lost sight of the reverence for the world we live in and for each other.

I know that all of this felt chaos and friction is simply Life trying to find and maintain some semblance of balance and homeostasis in the big picture, after years of self-centric human action depleting the very source which supports all of us. And the external situation may get way worse before the truth really becomes embodied in us as a species. But it’s so hard to witness and be part of.

The only solace I have found is to sit quietly and rest from deep inside. For deep within there is a formless, unwavering, ever-loving stillness which is the foundation for everything that exists. To connect with this is to know the sacredness of all life, the precious truth each and every moment holds.

If everyone could be still and connect with this sacred nature of life, even for a few minutes every day, then there would be no question but to live every moment in reverence and gratitude of what lies before us, in us, and around us everywhere.

To connect with this makes my heart feels so tender, like a teenager who just fell in love for the first time but also like someone about to take their last breath at the end of a very full life.

What an incredible time we are living in. Let's really listen to what it is telling us.

Love, Tracey

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