Amazing Workshop!!

Resilience and Coral Reefs:

Healthy People Contributing to a Healthy Planet

This workshop inspires teenage students to care about their environment by reminding them that they need to take care of themselves as a priority.

Tracey Uber Cook provides yoga and mindfulness tools to help deal with the pressures of day to day life. Marine Scientist Nathan Cook of Reef Ecologic shared knowledge on coral reefs, the threats they are facing and ways we can all support their ongoing health through everyday activities.

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Join me Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 7:00AM (GMT +10, AEST)on IGTV @LiveandBreatheYoga for 15 minutes of chanting, centering breath work and meditation.

"Yoga is about knowing ourselves so well that we recognise all the intricacies of the own body, breath, and mind. It's about discovering how they all work together to create the overall experience of each moment."  

Meet Tracey

Tracey Uber Cook is a highly experienced, internationally recognised yoga and meditation teacher based in Townsville, Far North Queensland, Australia. She specialises in teaching pranayama/meditation; personal development; yoga philosophy; and yoga accessibility for the whole community.


Tracey teaches weekly classes through Live and Breathe Yoga, Yoga Health and Everglow in Townsville and is a Queensland Program Leader for Yoga Tools for Schools, a non-profit organisation which helps educators and students manage their own wellbeing using the tools of yoga. Tracey’s meditation and talks can be accessed globally through EkhartYoga.com, the Netherlands-based yoga school that has more than one million followers in 152 countries.


Tracey offers a wide range of skillful techniques from beginner to experienced practitioner to guide you ever closer to your true nature.




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Tracey is one of the wisest, warmest, most loving, knowledgeable and embodied teachers I know. She teaches pranayama, philosophy, and yoga asana to the highest standards, and her chanting is otherworldly. I have been co-teaching with Tracey in retreats and teacher trainings for many years and I fully trust her with absolutely everything. She is my most favourite person and teacher to teach alongside. Plus she is one of my dearest friends and I love her!

Esther Ekhart,

Founder, Ekhart Yoga

"Yoga is also about knowing each experience and each moment as a verse of Divine Poetry in which experience itself is the language in which the poem is written."


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